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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Curious about whitening your teeth?

Are you thinking about having your teeth professionally whitened… This text opens the WebMD Teeth Whitening page in a new tab …? But maybe you are wondering, how long does teeth whitening last? 

Is it really worth the expense?

We’ve put together some facts about teeth whitening you’ll want to know before you decide!

The benefits of teeth whitening

Everyone wants a smile that looks healthy and attractive. Teeth whitening has become a very popular way to achieve that goal. It’s fast, easy, and affordable.

Most of us have a smile that shows the adverse effects of daily wear on our teeth. Teeth whitening can change your smile’s appearance by removing:

  • Yellowish build-up from plaque or age
  • Stains from foods and drinks
  • Smoking stains
  • Discoloration from medications

Whitening will not remove stains that are inside the teeth, often caused by medications or trauma. However, it is extremely effective on discoloration on the surface of the tooth, which is what most people experience.

Teeth whitening options

Stores offer many different kinds of whitening options, including whitening toothpaste, strips, trays, and rinses.

Does teeth whitening work?

These store-bought whiteners have varying degrees of success in whitening the teeth and removing stains. Most over-the-counter options can whiten your teeth 1 to 2 shades lighter, depending on how diligent or adept you are at using them. But in all honesty, many have been disappointed by the uneven results they achieved after all their hard work!

Many have chosen to go the professional whitening route because they want better, faster results!

Professional teeth whitening offers advantages in both application and materials. Treatment is done under the supervision of our dental professionals who will make sure your gums and teeth are not damaged by the procedure, which can sometimes happen with over-the-counter treatments.

Woman looking at teeth whitening options in dental care aisle at supermarket.

Plus, a dentist uses professional grade whitening gel that gets your teeth whiter – up to eight shades! Our dentist, Dr. Melissa Mancuso, can adjust the strength of the whitening gel according to your desired results and sensitivities.

As the most affordable way of making a dramatic difference to your smile in a short amount of time, teeth whitening is the clear winner!

How long does teeth whitening last?

That’s the important question, right? Once you’ve made the investment in your smile with professional whitening, how long can you expect your brighter, whiter smile to last?

An in-office whitening treatment takes only minutes to do and will keep your smile shining brightly for months. The culprits who can steal the shine from your smile are the same ones that dulled it in the first place! Certain foods and drinks or using tobacco can stain your teeth and yellow the enamel.

To protect your investment and keep your smile at its brightest, we recommend using at-home whitening trays provided by your dentist in conjunction with your in-office treatment. The trays are custom-created for your smile, so they hug your teeth perfectly. These trays along with the professional grade whitening gel are highly effective at maintaining the effects of your teeth whitening treatment by our Woburn, MA dental experts.

You can whiten from home or schedule a professional whitening.

Just give yourself a quick at-home whitening treatment before any special event or when you notice any dulling and – voila – your sparkling, white smile will reappear!

By following these suggestions, you should be able to enjoy your beautiful, younger-looking smile for years!

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