Bone Grafting

Establishing a foundation for dental implants.
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What You Need to Know

Discover the benefits of bone grafting in Woburn, MA.

Dental bone grafting is the replacement of jaw bone loss due to injury or gum disease. Often, if a tooth is missing, the associated bone will be reabsorbed into the body. In these cases, the corrupted quality and lack of available bone structure make the addition of dental implants difficult.

Current technology enables us to restore lost bone when necessary. It performs the dual service of allowing your dentists to restore functionality while improving the overall appearance of your teeth – so you can smile with confidence.

During a graft, bone cells are taken from a tissue bank or your own body including the jaw, hip, or below your knee. The bone is then placed onto your jaw bone to boost the structure and strength. In some cases, a special layer is used to assist the development of the bone cells. This process is called guided bone regeneration.

I went to them for the first time, and they were all so professional and pleasant. Dr. Trainor and his staff were great. I was terrified to go there, and they made the entire process painless. I would recommend them highly.

Sissy (Actual Patient)

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