Endodontics in Woburn, MA

Experience comfortable root canal therapy.
Dr. Mancuso looking through a microscope during endodontics

Stop Pain and Restore Your Tooth

Endodontics focus on the branch of dentistry associated with disease and injury to the inside of a tooth. This includes the innermost layer, AKA the pulp, where the tooth’s nerve is located.

On occasion, a tooth may be become cracked or broken from trauma or decay, thus exposing the pulp and causing pain. When this happens, the pulp becomes vulnerable to infection, and can cause tooth sensitivity, pain, or even an abscess.

If the infection is left untreated, you risk losing your tooth. However, our skilled dentists in Woburn, MA can save your tooth using root canal therapy.

With modern technology, this procedure can be completed quickly in one visit and without any discomfort!

Dark-haired man with glasses laughing with delight over his new smile.

How Do Root Canals Work?

Root canal therapy or endodontics involves the safe removal of infected tissue from the inside of your tooth.

Once the infection has been cleared, our dentists disinfect the tooth and seal it with a special tooth-colored material. The remaining structure is then topped with a dental crown to protect it from further damage and save your tooth from extraction!

Our dentists have advanced training to provide root canal therapy with as little pain and discomfort as possible. We utilize microscopic dentistry during the endodontics procedure for greater visibility and more predictable results.

While many people shudder at the thought of a root canal, we assure you you’re in good hands and have nothing to fear. Step one is to schedule a consultation.

Don’t jump ahead and let your mind wander with anxiety and fear. We’ll let you know what to expect (spoiler alert: little discomfort), and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable before we even begin.

Dark-haired man with glasses laughing with delight over his new smile.

Wow didn't think it was possible to catch a cat nap during a root canal! Staff is super friendly and polite and always ensuring my comfort - thanks.

Jimmy (Actual Patient)

Under the Microscope

Experience less chair time and more healing with root canal therapy.



Dr. Melissa Mancuso uses magnification to get a better view and increase accuracy during the root canal.


Better visibility allows us to clear out the entire infection and successfully place the root canal quickly and safely.


Our doctors deliver better and faster care with the magnified view. The result? Superior results!

FAQs About Endodontics

Get the answers from our Woburn dentists.

Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal

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