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When should a child visit the dentist for the first time?

The American Dental Association… Opens a new window to the ADA website… recommends you schedule a dental visit before your child’s first birthday. It’s a good idea to start early so that your child feels comfortable with regular check-ups and can avoid future feelings of dental anxiety.

What to expect on the first visit:

On your first visit, our caring dentists in Woburn gently examine your child’s teeth and gums. We use our experience with children to make the exam fun but also provide you with valuable feedback and hygiene advice.

How we help your child:

Our goal of your child’s dental appointment is to identify any potential problems early and help your child establish long-lasting dental hygiene habits. We’ll continue to monitor your child’s growth and development through regular exams and provide preventative treatments as necessary.

Our Children's Dentistry Services

Keeping teeth and gums healthy from a young age.


Fluoride Application

We strengthen your child’s teeth with this safe and non-invasive treatment.



We protect their teeth from the impacts of tooth decay.


Cavity Detection

Using modern technology, we catch cavities early on.



We keep kids’ gums fit and healthy with thorough exams.


Oral Hygiene

We provide top dental advice for parents and children.


Sedation Dentistry

We help ease fear and promote comfort.

I have nothing but good remarks for Dental Health Care of Woburn. I find them very knowledgeable and friendly. Always greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable. They explain what needs to be done so that we understand.

Martha (Actual Patient)

Our Kid-Friendly Dentists Provide Early Diagnosis & Prevention

Setting your youth up for a lifetime of smiles.
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Dr. Melissa Mancuso works side by side with parents to help diagnose any future dental problems.

Our team speaks with you openly about current oral hygiene routines, nutrition, and any visible problems. By keeping this line of communication, it’s easy to stay proactive and catch dental issues early on.

We offer the top preventative dentistry in Woburn, MA for our younger patients:

  • Full-mouth examination

  • Periodontal examination

  • Oral hygiene advice

  • Professional cleaning (if required)

  • Digital x-rays (if required)

These diagnostic procedures help us keep your child healthy as they grow and develop.

A member of our children's dentistry team in Woburn, writing notes at an appointment

FAQs about Children's Dentistry

Get the answers from our Woburn dentists.
  • How do I prepare my child for the dentist?

    To prepare your child for the dentist, make sure you schedule a time when your child is most likely to be well-rested and willing to cooperate.

    When explaining the visit to your child, use positive words, and avoid mentioning any negative experiences or associations such as “pain.”

    While we’re confident your child will feel comfortable in our care, we know that children are very sensitive to new experiences and can be easily scared.

    Last but not least, listen to your child and maintain an open line of communication. Encourage him or her to share any worries with the dentist.

  • Why should children visit the dentist?

    It’s important to teach children healthy dental habits from a young age that they can use throughout their life to maintain a healthy smile.

    Early check-ups prevent more significant problems down the road, such as tooth decay or cavities that can lead to pain and other medical issues.

  • Do I need a pediatric dentist?

    While pediatric dentists only specialize in dentistry for children, a general dentist like our team in Woburn is experienced with children and can care for your child’s smile for many years to come.

    From a young age into adulthood, a general dentist can provide comprehensive dental care. A bonus is that your child will feel less anxiety over the years by working with one trusted and caring team.

  • What other services do you provide?

    In addition to children’s dentistry, Dental Health Care of Woburn offers:

    Schedule your child’s dental appointment with our expert dentists in Woburn, MA.

Our Children's Dentistry Services Create Healthy Dental Habits

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