Tooth-Colored Fillings in Woburn, MA

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Restore the Health & Functionality of Your Tooth

Woman smiling after she received tooth-colored fillings from our dentist in Woburn

When a tooth is damaged due to trauma or decay, a dental filling can bring it back to mint condition.

Why are fillings so important?

  • Prevent further decay: A damaged tooth is vulnerable to bacteria buildup inside the cavity, leading to a dangerous infection. A filling seals and protects the cavity, stopping the decay in its tracks.

  • Strengthen your tooth: Decay compromises the structural integrity of your tooth, increasing the risk of chipping, cracking, or collapsing inward. A filling reinforces the cavity and restores a strong foundation.

  • Save your tooth: Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. If a damaged tooth is left untreated, it could lead to serious health issues and even tooth loss.

Need a filling, but don’t love the metal-mouth look? You’re in luck!

At Dental Health Care of Woburn, we utilize tooth-colored fillings for a natural look. The composite resin mimics the appearance and structure of a healthy tooth, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

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The Filling Process

Restoring your smile in just a few simple steps.


To ensure your comfort, our team numbs the area around the tooth and prepares it by removing any decay. This allows us a fresh, clean canvas to add your new filling.

Filling the Tooth

Next, we’ll use a tooth-colored composite resin to fill the cavity and ensure it successfully bonds to the remaining tooth structure. Your tooth is looking stronger and healthier already!


Final Touches

Once the filling has bonded, we verify that the color matches your smile and doesn’t interrupt your bite. You’ll be out the door and on your way with a fully restored tooth in no time!

I just moved to the area and I was looking for a new dentist - Dental Health Care of Woburn is the BEST! I get a bit anxious at the dentist and Kristen (the best dental hygienist ever) made sure I was super comfortable. Dr. Mancuso popped in at the end and she was also super nice. They have top of the line technology and a super clean facility. I am so happy I chose to come here!

Amber H. (Actual Patient)

Dentist working with female patient giving dental fillings in Woburn, MA.

Why Choose Us for Your Fillings?

When it comes to caring for your smile, we're a dental team you can trust.

At Dental Health Care of Woburn, we’re committed to bringing exceptional dental services to our community.

Here are just a few things you’ll love about our office:

  • All under one roof: We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of your entire family.

  • Modern technology: To bring you the very best quality of care, we’ve invested heavily in our office and practice continuous education.

  • Friendly, family-like feel: We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our patients and cultivating a welcoming, inclusive environment.

  • Comfortable office: We’ve taken great care to create an enjoyable experience from the moment you first walk through our doors, with beautiful decor and premium amenities.

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Have Questions About Dental Fillings?

Get the answers from our Woburn dentists.
  • Do dental fillings require special care?

    No special care is required!

    To keep your fillings in great shape, simply keep up with your regular at-home routine of brushing and flossing daily. Come in to see us for routine cleanings and check-ups every six months.

  • How long do fillings last?

    With proper care, fillings typically last 10-20 years before needing touch-ups or repair. All fillings will eventually wear down over time, depending on the location, size, and other factors, such as teeth grinding.

  • How much do fillings cost?

    Each person’s restoration needs are unique, so we don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. When you come in for a consultation, our team can give you an accurate estimate of costs for your situation.

    We believe that costs should never stop you from receiving the quality dental care and treatments you need. That’s why we offer many affordable and convenient payment options to fit your budget. We also accept many insurance plans, and will happily work with you to understand and maximize your benefits.

    You can learn more about our payment solutions on our New Patients page.

Repair Your Smile with a Natural Look

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