Tooth-Colored Fillings

Safe, reliable, and long-lasting dental restorations.
Woman smiling after she received tooth-colored fillings from our dentist in Woburn

Practical & Beautiful

When a tooth has become damaged due to trauma or decay, a composite filling can be used to restore the look and function of the tooth. These fillings use a natural-looking composite resin to mimic your tooth’s appearance and structure. The material used is very durable and bonds nicely to the remaining tooth. What’s more, is they blend into your smile and a less noticeable compared to traditional amalgam fillings.

Using tooth-colored or composite fillings, Dr. Trainor and Dr. Mancuso can restore your smile’s function and enhance it cosmetically.

Great dentists and employees. Same friendly faces every visit and very professional!

Scott (Actual Patient)

The Filling Process

Restoring your smile in just a few simple steps.


To ensure your comfort, our team numbs the area around the tooth and prepares it by removing any decay.

Filling the Tooth

Next, your Woburn dentist uses the composite resin to fill the tooth and makes sure it successfully bonds to the remaining tooth structure.


After Care

After the filling has bonded, we check that it matches your smile and doesn’t interrupt your bite. We then give you some advice on caring for your new filling.

Repair Your Smile with a Natural Look